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Bishopsaxz Music School

Bishopsaxz Music School was founded in 2013 by Nigerian-British couple Samson F Olaniyan (Bishopsaxz) and Ruth Olaniyan (Ruth Smith). Both are multi-instrumentalists, performers, ministers of the gospel and teachers. Samson and Ruth’s professional musical journey put together will span the Duo’s experience to about twenty-two years in music, and this they share with the world.


Sam and Ruth, even though are a couple, are both unique in their style and ways of teaching. Between them lies many styles of teaching, and this diversity is what the school is built upon, transcending to every teacher that teaches in the school. All you have to do when enrolling is make known your preferred genre of music and ways of teaching (ranging from classical music, Gospel, Jazz, Gospel Jazz, Blues and many more). You can also choose to learn by sight reading/playing or playing by ear with the knowledge of tonic sol-fa; you are spoilt for choice!


We teach people of all ages, with young people being at our heart. The school believes in the community and focuses on bringing up a generation who value their gifts and talents, as the school is founded on the belief that the society is greatly impacted by young people. If they keep their minds on creative activities such as music that can nature their minds in a productive way, it is more likely they will stay away from anti-social behaviour and we will see an increase of the positive way young people can impact society.

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