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Experience the Musical Journey

Become a musician through professional lessons

We Create Music Together

Welcome to the home of skilled and married saxophonists Bishopsaxz & Ruth Smith; SaxzSmith.


Keep up to date with all we are doing individually and together to reach the unreached with the sound.

Image by israel palacio

Lessons With an Array of Instruments

Image by Wes Hicks


"My kids have attended Bishopsaxz Music School. Over the years their musical abilities have grown tremendously, thanks to a talented staff and seasoned program. Now they have the opportunity to participate in a variety of school activities, from musicals to playing an instrument, with confidence and experience!"


"Getting Tye into Bishopsaxz Music School has been the best investment in after school training that we have made. It has broadened his horizons and is a true confidence builder.  Thank you Bishopsaxz Music School for time well spent."


“Highly recommended”


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