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Coming Together Through Music

Our Variety Is Our Strength

"Skilled in creating the sounds of heaven through the beautifully crafted metal form of the saxophone"


SaxzSmith is a vision birthed from renown saxophonists and multi-instrumentalists Bishopsaxz (Samson F Olaniyan) and his wife Ruth Smith (Ruth O Olaniyan). This vision was birthed from God’s calling upon the couple to establish a musical and evangelical ministry firmly planted in the United Kingdom. Their aspiration, which is the very essence of the ministry, is to take God’s word all over the world, winning souls and influencing the young and chosen generation.


SaxzSmith music is a family ministry. Sam and Ruth have been married since 2014 and are blessed with 4 children.

Bass Drum
Snare Drum


Double Bass

“We have been through many things in our marriage and career so far, but God was there all the time. One thing He always uses to minister to us during these hard times is music, and He still does. We always play instruments together in the house, sometimes with the kids, and those moments just bring us closer together, showing us how good God has been to us despite everything. This allows us to open up and leave all things in God's hand, trusting Him for a brighter day and being assured “YES”, He always comes through...Music is our weapon of warfare, and this, we want to share with the world,” 


SaxzSmith family confidently describes their talent as a God-given Gift to this generation and the generations to come with the mandate to:


Reach the unreached with the sound!

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