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SamRuth is a group birthed in September 2017 by married couple & saxophonists Samson & Ruth Olaniyan (otherwise known as Bishopsaxz & Oluwatosin). Both saxophonists have come together to form this dynamic duo in order to fuse their musical abilities to be a greater blessing to people in sharing the gospel of Christ through their gift of music. 

They define their musical style as " The Fusion", as it fuses their musical abilities, preferences and styles they have been exposed to as individuals and together. They have something unique to offer being a married couple who are a duet, as their close bond gives them a special connection, ingenuity and flare every performance they give, which is rare to find.


As their marriage and family continues to flourish, this unique duo does as well, and they hope to continue to encourage the lives of those around them to flourish also. 



Shola: London, UK

I turned 40 in June 2018 and we had a birthday party. My wife (Party planner) wanted a saxophonist to entertain whilst people are eating and during my dance. We reached out to a renowned Saxophonist but unfortunately he has been booked to play in another event on the same day but he recommended Bishopsaxz to me. I was sceptical as I had not seen him play but I had to reach out to him and glad I did because he made the party a great one for me.


He was on time to the venue, his performance on the day was remarkable and he had a touch of class in his performance. His responses to calls, text messages is very good as this helped us whilst we were planning the party.Overall he gave an excellent and impeccable service and I had an unforgettable experience through his performance on my birthday.


Sarah Tade: Liverpool, UK

My husband and I got married in July 2018, and Ruth and Samson (SamRuth) were a true blessing on our wedding day. Their sensational duet performance left the audience in awe and was the perfect special item to our wedding ceremony. Their blend of jazz and gospel is uniquely presented and their passion for music and God beamed through the entire rendition. My husband and I were so overwhelmed by the majestic harmonies and pitch perfect melodies they graced us with. Absolutely inspirational!

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